For Home Studio Musicians and Bedroom Producers Looking to Make Radio-Ready Mixes...

How To Make Your Mixes Sound Amazing Like Your Favorite Records, Without Buying Expensive Gear or More Plug-ins...

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  • The crucial questions you need to know before you even start mixing
  • The ultimate guide to getting a good mix going with only FIVE plug-ins
  • The step by step mixing workflow you can follow on every mix without getting overwhelmed
  • Your 7 Step process to make ANY mix translate to EVERY speaker (my dog LOVES step #4).

Most musicians and producers ignore these simple steps to finish their mixes and stay cursed with boomy low-end and muddy mixes that never leave their hard-drive graveyard.

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"Thank you for spending the time to collate all this useful information on mixing in such an easy-to-follow way. Your teaching style is lucid, direct, and with an added sense of lightness and humour which I believe are incredibly valuable for us budding musicians and producers. In a digital age filled with information overload, “gear lust”, people selling snake oil, and those folks taking it all so seriously...your voice cuts through the noise (Lol) in the best way possible! "

— Tim Curtin, Musician/Engineer

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