"I am a musician but need to improve my mixing skills to create better sounding rough mixes and demo tracks. I liked your approach...i.e. giving specific examples and explaining useful techniques rather than just explaining theory. That is in my view the greatest challenge when it comes to mixing anyway. Every track and instrument is different, so it is very difficult to give advice which may apply to various circumstances. But I think you definitely achieved that! "

-Mathias Brantle, Musician/Engineer

"Hey I Just want to say thank you for all the useful information. My music has taken a huge step towards better quality. I Appreciate your insight."

-Jay Brantle, Home Studio Musician

"Kindly allow me to over estimate your importance in growth of my musical career from an amateur into a pro.. Your information has really molded my production skills into what my clients today call good music. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work."  

-Andika Wilson, Engineer/Producer

110 Mixing Tips to Create Awesome Mixes From Your Home Studio

  • 14 Easy Ways to Get a Great Static Mix
  • 16 Tricks That'll Transform Your Drum Sound From Puny to Powerful
  • 31 Invaluable Techniques For a Tighter Low-End in Your Bass and Bigger Guitars
  • 27 Ways to Create a Professional Vocal Sound With EQ, Compression and Effects, Even if You Recorded With Amateur Equipment  
  • Plus: 31 Questions to Ask Yourself About Editing and Mastering to Take Your Mixes to the Next Level.  

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